Does the room temperature change with carpet flooring?

Does the room temperature change with carpet flooring?

Carpeting certainly brings a warm and homey coziness to a room, adding color and texture to the space. Folks in Scottsdale, Arizona, and nearby areas can find a great selection of carpet styles at Carpet Source.

In addition, we carry carpet flooring made by premium flooring companies like Mohawk, which offers pet-friendly SmartStrand, and Shaw, which manufactures a variety of durable nylon brands.

Heat conductors

Materials like ceramic and metal are good heat conductors, meaning heat passes through them quickly. So, for example, if you touch an outdoor metal surface on a cold day, the metal allows the warmth from your hand to flow through it, so it feels cold.

Conversely, carpeting is a poor heat conductor; thus, the heat stays in your feet, and underfoot comfort is ensured. 


Because of the way carpet fibers are constructed, they are capable of trapping air. So along with heat retention, carpeting is an excellent insulating material because it stops any drafts that may be present in the home.

Further, this floor covering works as a barrier between the subfloor and air so that the floor does not absorb heat and lowers the temperature in the room.


Padding is a crucial component of carpet installation since it protects the carpet from excessive wear. Padding also provides thermal and sound insulation, making carpeting more comfortable to walk on.

Many carpet pads, which differ in thickness and weight, are made of foam, and some of these pads include a vapor barrier that prevents damage from moisture.

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