Solid and engineered wood flooring comes in many styles

Traditional wood flooring styles are joined in the marketplace by a wide variety of contemporary styles. Textures range from smooth to wire-brushed, and finishes vary from matte to high gloss. While wood species are numerous, there are a few perennial favorites like maple and oak. You can find a large assortment of high-quality brands from top manufacturers at Carpet Source in Scottsdale, Arizona. We carry unfinished, prefinished, and engineered hardwood flooring. Our installation team can handle even the most complex jobs.

Unfinished hardwood flooring

Bringing raw hardwood into the home and finishing it after it has been nailed to a wood subfloor is a tried-and-true installation method. Consider this traditional installation process, especially if you are completing a major upgrade or new construction. Not only does the floor add structural stability to the home, but the tight-fitting boards also ensure well-sealed seams. The floor, which has a flush look, can be walked on two weeks after installation.

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Prefinished hardwood flooring

Factory-finished solid wood flooring is a convenient alternative to unfinished boards. One primary difference between unfinished and prefinished boards is the length of the finish warranty. Factory finishes are more powerful than finishes applied in the home, so prefinished boards usually have longer warranties. Also, consider that floors that are constructed with prefinished wood have a beveled look. Each type of flooring can be refinished if needed.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood floors offer the same classic beauty as solid hardwood floors with a few added perks. The base under the surface layer of hardwood, made up of plywood layers placed in different directions, can tolerate moisture. Further, most of these man-made wood planks click and lock together so the floor can float over the subfloor. Therefore, engineered wood flooring can be installed in the basement, and it's a good option for kitchens.

The friendly flooring specialists at Carpet Source can answer all of your questions about hardwood flooring. We have been helping folks in Arizona complete their flooring projects since 1979. We serve Scottsdale, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, Mesa, AZ, Tempe, AZ,Chandler, AZ, Gilbert, AZ, Paradise Valley, AZ, Cave Creek, AZ, Glendale, AZ, and Peoria, AZ. We offer free estimates, and if you have carpeting that needs to be removed, we'll haul it away for free. Flooring upgrades are stress-free because of our financing packages. Visit our showroom to learn more about hardwood floors.