Laminate flooring is a classy alternative to hardwood and tile

It's easy for laminate floors to earn homeowner approval. It is budget-friendly, practical, attractive, and a great alternative to hardwood, stone, and ceramic flooring. Planks are available in popular wood species like maple and hickory. You can even find planks with textured surfaces, including hand-scraped and wire-brushed. Some tiles also have a wood look while others imitate tile made of natural materials. Carpet Source is a laminate flooring showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona, with a wide selection of laminate planks and tiles in the trendiest styles. We are confident that we have a product that is just right for your home.

Multi-layer composition

Laminate flooring has four layers that are bonded together with high heat. The backing layer protects and supports the plank or tile. The digital image of stone, ceramic, or hardwood is above the fiberboard core. The transparent wear layer on the surface protects the image layer. Some laminate is waterproof, but the manufacturer's guidelines need to be followed closely. Usually, flooring can be wet for up to 30 hours without sustaining damage.

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Look for the AC rating, assigned by an independent entity, to judge a laminate product's durability. The flooring must undergo rigorous testing to determine this abrasion coefficient rating. Planks and tiles are tested for resistance to burns, impact, and stains, as well as swelling under wet conditions. Residential flooring that has an AC3 rating is ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic. Flooring rated AC4or AC5 is appropriate for commercial applications.


Some laminate floors are glued to the subfloor. Most planks and tiles are designed to fit together at the edges, so the floor floats above the subfloor. Therefore, installing a laminate floor on a cement slab or existing hard surface flooring and a wood subfloor is possible. Underlayment is placed between the floor and subfloor, and a vapor barrier is included in moisture-prone spaces. Underlayment provides cushioning, and it reduces noise from footsteps.

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